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 Phulkari Work

      The Bagh and Phulkari embroidery is famous in Punjab. The Phulkari does not have embroidery all over the surface, but it has motifs distributed over the surface enlightening parts of the background material.

 They are Three Types

     One carries stylized motifs of flowers, fruits and birds,

     The other carries folk motifs and

     The third one sports stylized Haveli gateways.


       The hill areas of Himachal Pradesh produce double-sided embroidery known as Chamba Rumal. This may be of the simple folk type or the classical form, which has simplified versions of miniature paintings of Pahari. 

      Bihar has a rich variety of embroidery works. The Akshida is famous here and it has embroidery work throughout the whole surface like the Bagh. Appliqué work of Orissa is prepared in Pipli, near Puri known for the Jagannath Temple. Here special canopies, fans, umbrellas, etc used in the famous Rath Yatra Festival are made.  The Kasuti embroidery of Karnataka is a stylized form with stitches based on the texture of the fabric. Negi, Gavanti and the Menthi are the three different types of stitches used.