Hand Made Fabrics

      This method of hand printing of textiles can be seen all over in India. The important cotton printing centers are in the desert regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Alizarin, indigo and many vegetable colors are used for hand painting in these regions.

      Various methods of printing like direct printing, resist printing and screen-printing are practiced in India. In Kalamkari, method of painting the cloth is painted by using a pen with dyes and mordants. This method is widely popular.

        Direct printing is popular throughout India and it involves a bleached cotton or silk fabric printed with the help of carved wooden blocks. In hand block printing around three or four colors are used.


        In the next method, a paste is made up of different materials and it is used for the printing areas, which are required to defy the dye. The fabric is then immersed in the dye. Both the methods have an extraordinary outcome of classy and elegant designs on a handloom fabric.