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Folk Embroidery

      In India, folk embroidery is always associated with the women folk. It is a form of their self-expression. They create patterns that are connected with their native culture, their religion, and their desires. In short, the pieces mirror the daily life of the people.

      Women embroider clothes for their personal use, for their children, their husbands, the elderly members of the family, etc. The people connected with the pastoral occupation prepare embroidered animal decorations. Decorative covers for the horns, forehead etc, for the bulls, the horses, etc are prepared. The Rabaris of Kutch district in Gujarat did some of the finest embroidered decorations for the camel.

      Embroidered pieces are also prepared for use during festivals, marriages and other important social functions. The embroidered or appliqué work called Dharaniya is an important decoration for the homes of Saurashtra and Kutch people. Embroidered Torans are put on the walls during festivals. Long Pattis, running embroidered strips cover the rafters.